Dr Fernandes Aesthetic Solution

Aesthetic Solutions

Aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry is designed to enhance your smile. While some people may need partial dental restorations, others want a smile makeover for a superior quality look. With smile makeovers, you can have a variety of changes and improvements made to your teeth. This includes getting veneers, implants where needed, tooth whitening and other cosmetic enhancements.

Dr Fernandes offers premium smile makeovers among other cosmetic solutions. This treatment is becoming more popular due to the visible changes it can make in a person’s smile. Someone who has teeth that have degraded due to decay does not have to go without any teeth; some solutions provide the same look of natural teeth.

Here are some of the solutions provided by aesthetic dentistry:

  • We can restore existing teeth to standard form and function
  • Replace missing teeth to improve overall oral appearance and chewing function
  • Restore worn and crooked teeth with porcelain and ceramic restorations (crowns, veneers)
  • Elevate the appearance of imperfect teeth.

Enhancing what you already have or even changing it altogether has become more socially acceptable. You too can obtain the perfect smile with a little help from a dentist. During your consultation, you can discuss your desires and what the best recommendation is for you. Contact our practice to book your appointment with Dr Fernandes.

Finance your dental procedure

Medical treatments can be costly especially if you are unable to pay for it over time, but there are options available. Should you not have the full amount needed for your treatment, you can fund it through Medifin and First Health Finance. Depending on which financial provider approves your application, you could qualify for up to R150k worth of funding for your medical procedure.