Dr Fernandes Root Canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment

For painful and sensitive teeth, a root canal treatment may be the solution. Sometimes we need to clean or remove the contents of the nerve canals which include blood vessels and nerves. By adequately disinfecting and filling the root canal system, the tooth can be maintained and restored to its full function. This is known as root canal treatment.

Besides sensitive teeth, a root canal treatment can be used to save a severely decayed tooth that has affected or infected the pulp area of a tooth. In this cases that pulp needs to be cleaned and sealed to prevent further damage. Without treatment, the soft tissue surrounding the tooth will become may form abscesses over time.

Common root canal treatment questions

Does a root canal hurt?
The procedure itself is no more painful than having a filling placed. During the process, your gum tissue will be numb, so you should not feel anything in the area affected. After the treatment, you may naturally be uncomfortable but nothing that can not be managed.

Is the tooth dead after the treatment?
Part of the motivation behind this treatment is to save a tooth that would otherwise be dead. Root canal therapy can reclaim teeth after they have died. The tooth will be saved from further damage or from causing more severe complications in the body.

Can the treatment be completed in one day?
The time it will take to complete your treatment will depend on the extent of the damage on the nerves. Sometimes with a larger infection, your dentist may choose to leave some medication in the tooth for a week or two before completing the therapy.

How long or short is the recovery period?
After your root canal therapy, a follow-up appointment may be necessary to ensure that you are healthy and healing correctly. You may have mild pain for a couple of days, but with good oral hygiene, you should be fine after a week.

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