Dr Fernandes Full oral examinations

Full Oral Examinations

Dentistry starts with essential oral health. The recommended times one needs to have a thorough oral examination varies from every three to six months or at least once in an entire year. Dr Fernandes does these comprehensive examinations on all patients that come into the practice. Before performing any procedure, the basics of your oral health need to be taken care of first.

In the dental check-up, your dentist will look at different things; the surface of your teeth, any discolouration on any of your teeth, conduct x-rays to see the bone structure of your jaw and teeth among other things. An analysis is especially critical when you are looking to have a significant treatment like a cosmetic change like a smile makeover. You could have a comprehensive consultation or more limited dental examination.

A complete consultation involves an extensive exam of your mouth. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Panoramic radiographic examination
  • Digital intraoral radiographs
  • Evaluation of the teeth and soft tissues
  • Extraoral evaluation of head and neck tissues and structures
  • Digital photography (intraoral & extraoral)
  • Diagnosis and treatment plan

And limited dental examinations focus on the following:

  • This exam focuses on particular dental concerns and problems.
  • It equires digital intraoral radiographs for accurate assessment and diagnosis
  • Any required procedure to treat the particular problem

Everyone needs to check on their oral health status regularly. The mouth is a passage for a lot of bodily diseases. The health of your teeth and all of your gum tissue all contribute to your overall and should not be neglected. Book your consultation with Dr Fernandes today and lead a healthier lifestyle.